LaFayette High School Principal

Mrs. Maggie Stultz


Greetings, Rambler Nation!

LaFayette High School is a top-notch high school, as our students have proved over and over again with every national, state, and local award they win! I am truly honored to serve as the PrinciPAL of LHS and have just wrapped up my 30th year in the Walker County School system in serving this community. Some say I might even bleed black and orange, and I couldn’t agree more. I am our school’s ~ #1 loudest FAN!

I am very fortunate to have the most amazing group of students, teachers, staff, and families who have supported me during this amazing journey of leadership. I have come to realize that we all work #BetterTogether, and together we work diligently to continue the students’ legacy of being #RamblerReady after they leave the hallowed halls of LHS. Every school day is important, and our intention is to help our students make each academic moment count. 

I have no doubt that my students will continue to rise to every occasion and successfully soar over every obstacle to show their strength and determination in being lifelong learners. LHS students are on the right path of truly becoming college and/or career ready, and I am so grateful to have shared a unique part of that small journey in life with my "kiddos". 

Every single day that we wake up, we are given a chance, every single day, every single minute, every single second to make a difference in someone’s life, and we often believe chances are forever promised until we come to the realization, like last year during a national pandemic, that they are not. 

"You are what you repeatedly do; therefore, excellence ought to be a daily habit, not an act.” ~Aristotle 

So, LHS students, go out into this amazing world and make us all #RamblerProud 

-  Go forth, #BeKind, and always #BeAwesome!

Love, Your PriniciPAL 
Home of the Ramblers