The Amanda Lanier Scholarship

My Senior Footprint
The Amanda Lanier Scholarship

You have completed many assignments throughout the course of your high school
career and hopefully, you have learned some life skills that you can take with you
into the real world. Mrs. Lanier didn’t want your last assignment to be another
analysis essay; she wanted you to have a learning opportunity that allows you to
explore who you are and most importantly, what unique gifts you have to offer to
the world.
The Senior Footprint Project lends itself to many avenues of creativity. If you make
a video or slideshow, burn it to a disk or put it on a flash drive. If you do not have
technology available to you outside of school, you will need to be creative using
another avenue. There is a lot of flexibility in your delivery method.
Develop a project that fully answers the question, “What have you learned from your time at LHS and outside of LHS in the last four years?”

Possibilities include:
 Video
 Youtube
 Slideshow
 Animated Movie
 Audio File
 Blog
 Artwork
 Essay

Keep in mind that Mrs. Lanier was an English teacher, and she would expect effort,
originality, and critical thinking along with proper grammar and spelling. Mrs.
Lanier’s family will be judging the entries to find the project that would make Mrs.
Lanier proud and exemplify the characteristics that she deemed important. In Mrs.
Lanier’s own words for this project, “I am purposefully not giving you much
direction because I want to see you shine!”
“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise
you with their ingenuity.”
George S. Patton

Finished project/essay should be submitted to Mrs.

Burnett in room 307 by May 10, 2018.

Amanda Lanier Scholarship Grading Rubric (Click Here)