InspirASIAN-Scholarship Opportunities for the Georgia HS Graduating Class of 2018

Just a reminder that the deadline for student applications is one week from today: January 31, 2018
FAQ: InspirASIAN “2017” Scholarship season metrics:
Average value of an InspirASIAN scholarship award: $2,000 
Total number of scholarship opportunities: 36 (21 “National”, 15 “Atlanta” chapter)
(*Note: Both National & Atlanta chapters scholarships have the same value)
Total number of Georgia high schools that applications were received from: 71
Total number of “Eligible” applications received from Georgia high school students – 117
Total number of Georgia High School Students who were awarded an InspirASIAN Scholarship: 17 (2 “National”, 15 “Atlanta chapter”)
Percentage of Georgia high school students who submitted “eligible” applications and were awarded an InspirASIAN (APCA) scholarship last year: 14.5%