Staff Directory


Mike Culberson Principal
Maggie Stultz Assistant Principal
Debbie King Assistant Principal
Stan Robbs Assistant Principal
Julie Portwood Mission Specialist
Skipper Dunn SRO Officer



Daniel Hamilton Guidance Counselor
Erika Black Guidance Counselor
Gwen Gregory Guidance Counselor
Zach Reynolds Guidance Counselor
Cortney Asher Media Specialist

Clerical Staff

Holly Kelley Registrar
TiaLanda Hobbs Clerical Staff
Stephanie Cauthorn Clerical Staff
Becky Teems Clerical Staff
Deb Stoner Clerical Staff
Melinda Wilson Clerical Staff


Academic Support Staff
Tanya Sparks Academic Support
Beth Hammerstone Project SEARCH
Angel Armstrong CBVI
Michael Bessette CBVI
Hampton Baxter CBVI
Stacey Underwood CBVI
Susan Wesolek SLP
Sarah Jenkins Academic Support
Tracia Miller Academic Support
Jesse Peppers Academic Support
Vicki Nix Academic Support
Shawn Turner Academic Support
 Tina Watkins Academic Support



Fine Arts, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
Donna Clements Healthcare Science
Red McDaniel Business Education
Perry Fouts Public Safety
Steve Hammerstone JROTC
David Tomlinson JROTC
Sherry Huggins Business Education
Michael Gardner Agriculture Science
Patrice Nix Family and Consumer Science
Jesse Norris Construction
Chris O’Neil Odysseyware On-line Lab
Joel Adair Agriculture Science
Tom Langford Work-Based Learning
Maggie Walker Art
Brandon Self Band
Anna Franks Chorus


Language Arts, Drama, Journalism and Foreign Language
Lacy Bowman Language Arts
Robin Bruce Language Arts
Sonni Brown Language Arts
Kim Burnett Language Arts
Sara Gard ELA & Drama
Dana Cole Language Arts
Jennifer King Language Arts
Jenny Lane Language Arts
Amanda Lanier Language Arts
John Waldon Language Arts
April White ELA & Drama
Camilla Bostwick German
Franklin Cobos Spanish
Noah Collins Spanish
Chris Logan ELA & Math
Cody Lee ELA


Health, Physical Education, Weight Training and Team Sports
Phil Delay Health & P.E.
Chad Fisher Weight Training
Glen Woodard Team Sports
Whitney Stinson Health & P.E.


Mathematics, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus
Alan Morris Mathematics
Kim Elliott Mathematics
Sam Forester Mathematics
Joe Franks Mathematics
Gary Furman Mathematics
Regina Hardinger Mathematics
Teri Hughes Mathematics
Carol Hunter Mathematics
 Stacy Kirby Mathematics
Hank Peppers Mathematics
Tommy Swanson Mathematics
Shannon Wells Mathematics
 Julie Smith Mathematics
 Chris Logan Mathematics
Kim Woodard Mathematics
Matt Yarbrough Mathematics
Tommy Swanson Mathematics
Colby Helms Mathematics


Biology, Chemistry, Environmental & Physical Science
Beverly Hedges Science
Clint Harrison Science
 Carol Cross Science
Melissa Rowe Science
Melissa Rettig Science
Doug Rustay Science
Laura Beth Vaughn Science
Jason Poteet Science
Pam Wright Science
Angel Melton Science
Sam Forester Science


US & World History, Economics, Psychology,
American Government Civics & Politics
Andy Arnold Social Studies
Ben Brooks Social Studies
Donna Speege Social Studies
Kyle Farmer Social Studies
Chris Logan Social Studies
Matt Logan Social Studies
Michael Shank Social Studies
Shane Cauthorn Social Studies
 Charlie Wall Social Studies
Joel Warren Social Studies
Cody lee Social Studies
Chrystene Smith Social Studies