LaFayette High School is one of two high schools located in the Walker County School System with a current enrollment of approximately 1,100, which is an increase of 130 students over the past two years. Since 2007, LaFayette High’s Graduation rate has increased from 57% to 80%!

LaFayette High offers a plethora of college credit opportunities. The graduating class of 2016 will have an opportunity to earn up to 60 college credit hours as they transition to college. We are very excited about extending these opportunities as we grow and progress into the future.

LaFayette High School has a strong community tradition which was originally established in 1922. The original LaFayette High School was built on North Main Street, located in downtown LaFayette, in 1922.

In 1968, the original building went through a reconstruction and renovation process to modernize the facilities. In 1998 the students and staff of LHS transitioned to a brand new campus and building on Round Pond Road, just a few miles away from the original campus, remaining in the City Limits of LaFayette in effort to continue the strong tradition of the LaFayette Community.

In 2014, the current LHS building went through a renovation in which new classrooms, and a state of the art field house, were added to support the increase in our student body and extracurricular activities. Our facilities are modern, and the technology infrastructure is very up to date.

The students and staff of LHS continue to build on traditions, which have resulted in a much improved graduation rate over the past several years.